ellipsometer for absorbing films

SangBum Kim kimsangb at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 23 17:01:48 PST 2006

Dear labmembers,


 Does anyone have an experience measuring the film thickness using
ellipsometer in SNF? The training staff told me that she never used it for
absorbing films, but the manual book says that it should work for thin
absorbing films in the range of 50~200nm or even 1000nm depending on their
extinction coeffecient. (They even have a routine for it.)


I tried my GST(Ge2Sb2Te5) wafer, which has refractive index of 4.45 and
extinction coefficient of 1.65 at 632.8nm wavelength but it didn't work very


First of all, the routine program asks about 'order' instead of the
'expected thickness' and I am not sure what 'order' means.


Second, when I put 1 for 'order', it gives a thickness around 400~500A
regardless of their actual thickness (25~100nm).


Any advice would be appreciated regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.



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