Removing crystalbond from GaAs?

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Wed Mar 8 14:59:09 PST 2006

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Hello, I am currently using crystalbond 590 (brown wax) for temporary 
mounting of my GaAs chips to Si handle wafers for Au-bumping and dicing. 
I have chosen this wax as the Au-bumping step requires process 
temperatures of ~150 C. Currently, I am having a very hard time removing 
the samples from the handle wafer. I have gotten some chips off of the 
Si, however I still cannot completely remove the wax (which is 
necessary). The wax is contacting a surface with GaAs, SiNx, and Au 
exposed. The opposite side has PMGI for planarization which I would not 
like to strip. /
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/ If you could recommend a process to successfully remove this material 
I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! /

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