Gladys Sarmiento's departure

Nancy Latta nlatta at
Wed Mar 15 10:15:51 PST 2006


As you may be aware, Gladys has now left Stanford. Her last day was 
March 1. She wanted to leave quietly and we’ve respected her request, 
but she’s promised to come back and visit often.

We have a yellow book for you to write memories, good wishes, jokes or 
just your name. If you have any photos you'd like to add please bring 
them too. We'd like for this book to be a nice reminder to Gladys of her 
20 years here at Stanford.

As you probably know, Gladys returns twice a year to her home in the 
Philippines. It’s a small, rural village where education, especially for 
girls, typically ends at 12. For years now, Gladys has been funding a 
scholarship fund to allow students to continue their education -- some 
of her students have now graduated from college. She has also built a 
facility which has now become the community center for the village. We 
think it would be a good way to show our appreciation for Gladys by 
collecting some funds to help her continue her work with her community.

So please come by my office (Gladys's old office) at CIS 145 to sign the 
book and make a donation to her scholarship fund if you like. But come 
by soon; we'd like to give her the book on 21 March.


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