Electronic Data Logging

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Thu May 18 00:26:10 PDT 2006

Dear Fellow Labmembers,

We've put together a website for electronic data logging of process
results from equipment.   The purpose is to collect process data
in electronic format so that data can be sorted, graphed and quickly

We hope that this will provide many benefits:

* early identification of equipment problems;
* a simple method to enter and retrieve data, inside or outside the lab;
* better feedback on your run, including automatic calculation of rates;
* transparent conversion of HH:MM:SS format;
* "backup" to your own laboratory notebook;
* download of data in Excel format for sorting, graphing trends, etc; and,
* better prediction of process results!


Please only enter reliable, measured data.  This is NOT intended to
replace the paper logsheets in the lab.  Maintenance still uses the
paper log sheets to determine tube cleaning cycles, and your estimates
of thickness are appropriate there.
The electronic data sheets hope to capture only measured, reliable
data- Don't enter guesses here!

Go To:


If you're in the lab, you should be able to access all functions of
the website.  Outside the lab, you will need to enter a password to
access or post data.  (This should hopefully cut down on email spam, etc).
The User Name is "labuser".  The password is likewise "labuser".

Right now, there is only one machine on the list:  TylanBPSG
In the future, we plan to add more equipment as demanded.
As with any community effort, this only works if you participate.
So please feel free to use the data that others post, but also
please contribute your results when you have them.   You'll then have a
backup of your own notes, and you'll get an instant dep rate calculation
in addition to helping other labusers.

Also on the site is a process sharing database, RunShare. More information
is on the website.

If you have any suggestions, comments, etc, please email me.


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