Micronic mask writer

Paul Jerabek jerabek at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Oct 2 08:42:16 PDT 2006

To whom it may concern:
Micronic mask writer is finaly back on line . In a past ten days we had here a field service engineer from Micronic Sweden,
who was able to bring the machine to operating mode and readjust interferometer mirrors to correct original problem of stage
orthogonality. We had Compugraphics,Inc. to measure our masks after the mirrors adjustments. Last Friday I've got a result from the latest measurement reporting very small error of 2urads orthogonality.
 I will start mask making from ground zero, in other words people who had mask jobs pending should resubmitt mask request form(s), because at this point I do not know who gave up, who had masks done outside and so forth.
-Paul J.
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