help with Lego nanotech challenge

Michael Deal mdeal at
Mon Oct 16 14:32:30 PDT 2006

SNF Labmembers:
      Next Monday afternoon, October 23, SNF is hosting a 
nanotechnology workshop for some local middle school teams that are 
participating in the Lego NanoQuest Challenge.  (For more information 
on the NanoQuest competition, see .)  As part of 
this challenge, the teams of students (mostly around 9-11 years old, 
in teams of 4-5 students) are trying to learn as much as they can 
about nanotechnology and are visiting local nanotech facilities.  SNF 
will be hosting 8 of these teams from 3:30 to 5:30pm next Monday.
      At the workshop, we will be splitting them up into groups of 10 
to do some hands-on nanotech learning activities, and giving them a 
lab tour.  We will also be having them participate in "nanotechnology 
question-and-answer sessions" with "real nanoscientists."
         That's where we need your help.   We need several SNF 
labmembers to talk with the different teams about your group's or 
company's research activities, but mostly answer their questions.  As 
part of their challenge, they not only need to find out about current 
areas of nano-research, but also need to propose some nanotechnology 
applications and uses.   So they will ask you about their ideas and 
you can provide feedback to them.  It should a lot of fun.   (We did 
this with one team last week as a trial, and we really enjoyed it.)
      So if you are interested in helping with this and are available 
Monday, October 23 from about 4 to 5:30, let us know.   Thanks.
					Mike Deal and Marni Goldman,  SNF

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