help needed with Lego Nanoquest Day at SNF

Michael Deal mdeal at
Thu Oct 19 14:51:39 PDT 2006

SNF Labmembers,
     Earlier this week I sent out a message about SNF hosting a 
workshop for 9-12 year olds participating in this year's Lego 
Nanoquest challenge.  In that message I asked for volunteers to help 
with the nano research discussions.  We got enough volunteers for 
that - thank you very much  to those who are going to help with 
that.  (And also thanks to those who are going to be "group leaders.")
     But we still need some more volunteers to help with a couple of 
the activities, mainly the window tours of the cleanroom and the 
gowning-up activity.   We will divide the kids up into 4 groups, and 
each group gets 20 minutes per activity, so the tours and gowning 
activity are quick and easy, and should be fun. We also need one more 
person to be a "group leader", chaperoning the groups from activity 
to activity.  So please help if you can.  It's this Monday at 3:30 - 
5:30.   Email me if you can help.
					-Mike Deal, SNF

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