Wafer Diameter Reduction Service?

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I can give you many references for laser drilling of HOLES in silicon wafers.  Two are Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A 513, p 345 (brief comment) and 504, p 149.  Many of the same considerations probably will apply to trenches, including the preliminary coating of the wafer with photoresist to protect it from molten etch products falling back.  If you are trying to make smaller wafers out of larger ones, you would still have the possible task of edge shaping.
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Hi Jon, et al --

I'm afraid I don't know specific service, but know many people do this,
so you should have responses (and if anyone wants to share them, please
send them to me and I'll post them on the website.)

But that said, one item that has been on our SNF equipment wishlist is
the Microjet Laser Cutter, by Synova (http://www.synova.ch).  This nifty
tool should be able to do this, and we've been told has been used to cut
channels of specific depth and drill holes in silicon and glass.  It
would be really great to use as a wafer scriber as well.  We've also
been told that it's reasonably priced (whatever that means, in the
microelectronics market.)  They've just opened a local facility,
probably for demos.

Does anyone have experience with this or similar tools?  If anyone is
interested in exploring the technical capabilities of this system into
this on behalf of SNF, let us know (we've never seen this, only heard
about it).  (Better yet, if someone has got some funding burning a hole
in their pocket and is interested in this tool...  we'd definitely want
to talk!)


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Jonathan Edgar Roth wrote:
> Hi,
> Do any of you know of any companies that might be able to reduce the
> diameter of wafers, for example, cutting an 8" wafer down to two 4" wafers?
>  I'd appreciate any leads.
> Thanks,
> Jon

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