SPECIAL EBEAM LAB EVENT:"'3D EBL applications for UV Nano Imprint Lithography" Guido Piaszenski, Raith GmbH, Dortmund, DE. MONDAY NOV. 13 from 2 - 3 PM in CIS 101

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Oct 26 12:27:52 PDT 2006


*Monday November 13, 2006 2 - 3 PM CIS 101:*

*"3D EBL Applications for UV Nano Imprint Lithography." *

Guido Piaszenski from Raith GmbH in Dortmund, Germany has graciously 
offered to visit the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility and present his 
group's work which he will also be presenting at the NNT2006 conference 
in San Francisco later that week.

He received his PhD in 2002 at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany 
working with Professor U.K. Köhler.
In 2003 he started working in the application department at Raith GmbH 
in Dortmund Germany developing, testing, and supporting Users working on 
the Raith Electron Beam Lithography Software applications.

This meeting is open to Everyone whom wishes to attend:

    2 - 3 PM     CIS 101:     Presentation followed by Q&A from attendees.
    3 - 4:30 PM CIS 201:     Technical Discussion on NIL and Ebeam 
Lithography topics.


Please feel free to forward this email to people of interest within the 
Stanford Community.
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