conductive rubber rings for electrical contact

kapurp at kapurp at
Fri Aug 3 17:39:10 PDT 2007

Dear All,

Does anyone have conductive rubber rings that facilitate contacting  
metal on top of silicon with a metallic ring (connected to a  
mesurement set-up). We are trying to contact a silicon wafer with  
metal on top (with uneven topography) using a distributed contact such  
as a metallic ring. The conductive rubber by conforming to both  
underlying topography and the ring on the top will hopefully  
facilitate a nicer contact than we are getting by just placing the  
metal ring on top of silicon wafer.

I would appreciate if I could either borrow these rings in case you  
have them for 2 days and/or if you could suggest a possible vendor who  
can turn it around in 1 or 2 days.

thanks much,

Pawan Kapur

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