request to borrow a small amount of NRD or Mesitylene this weekend?

Rebecca Taylor rebeccat at
Sat Aug 11 19:16:12 PDT 2007

Hello Labmembers,

Our ME342 group is working with Photopatternable Silicones (in the MERL 
cleanshop) and have discovered that we do not have the proper developer 
on hand this weekend.  Does anyone have any Negative Resist Developer 
(NRD) or other Stoddard Type of Solvent that we might be able to borrow 
this weekend?  Mesitylene would also work for our purposes.

We are looking for about 4 ounces of solvent.

If you are around and have some solvent to lend, we would be very 

Thanks and have a great weekend,
-rebecca taylor

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