2007-2008 Parking Permits are Available

Maureen Baran mbaran at stanford.edu
Thu Aug 16 10:26:32 PDT 2007

Dear Lab Members,


It's that time of year, when you need to renew your Stanford University
Parking Permit.  Please make every effort to do so before August 31, 2007.
There ISN'T any grace period, that is just a rumor that goes around every
year.  Also, this year Parking and Transportation is not accepting 2007-08
Department Sponsorship forms with photo copied department signatures.  I
will not have the sponsorship forms hanging outside my cubicle; you will
have to ask me for them however, I will have the 2007-08 Parking Permit
Applications there.  You will need both forms (sponsorship form and parking
permit application) filled out before going down to Parking and
Transportation and purchasing your parking permit.  


Thank you,




PS  The current rate for a parking ticket issued on campus is $35.00.



Maureen Baran

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

Lab Services Administrator

mbaran at stanford.edu



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