SU-8 adhesion problem

Zubin Huang huangzb at
Fri Aug 31 16:07:02 PDT 2007


I'm having some problems of SU8 adhesion and hope someone could offer 

My substrate is 25mm*50mm VWR cover glass with thickness about 0.13mm to 

Following is my process:

1 Clean the cover glass with Aceton, Methanal, IPA 5min each in ultrasonic 
2 O2 plasma treating for 10min in MRC (20sccm O2, 100mTorr, 50W)
3 Yes Oven for singe and HMDS treatment.
4 Coat 30s 3500rpm SU8 2010 at headway with 10um thick.
5 Bake 4min @ 95C
6 Exposure 4.5s *3 cycle with 30s spacing at Karlsuss;
7 Bake 5min @ 95C
8 Dev 3min immersion.
9 IPA rinse for 10s and blow dry.

After the process I found the small features of 10um size on my structure 
came off and changed position on the substrate. I would like to have advice 
on improving the adhesion between the SU-8 and the glass substrate.


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