FW: Campus Power Outage 12/7/07

Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Mon Dec 10 11:10:09 PST 2007

I know some of you are curious about the power outage Friday 
night.  Here is the official report from facilities.

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>Building Managers, for your reference, attached is information from 
>the Stanford Utilities Department regarding the campus-wide power 
>outage this past weekend....
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>>Subject: Campus Power Outage 12/7/07
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>>Campus Power/Steam/Chilled Water Outage 12/7/07-12/8/07
>>At 11:48 PM on Friday, December 7th Stanford University experienced a campus
>>wide power outage affecting most of campus and the Central Plant.
>>The cause of the power outage was a 12,000 volt equipment failure in
>>the Cardinal CoGen at the Central Energy Facility.
>>The loss of power caused both steam and chilled water systems to trip
>>The exact sequence of events is under investigation.
>>Electrical Power Systems:
>>At 2:02AM, 12/8/07 (Saturday Morning) all campus power was restored.
>>Steam Systems:
>>The backup boilers were energized and steam service was restored to the
>>Hospital and Med School
>>about 12:45 am with some intermittant pressure issues until 3 am.
>>Steam pressure was fully restored to the Campus buildings by 6 am.
>>Chiled Water:
>>The Chilled Water System was restored to operation at 5 am when the power
>>was restored to
>>the Ice Plant
>George E. Sandoval         Phone: (650) 725-3670
>Director of Zone Management
>Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
>Stanford University
>333 Bonair Siding
>Stanford, CA 94305-7273

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