Hitachi ebeam computer

Paul Jerabek jerabek at
Wed Feb 21 14:34:00 PST 2007

To whom it may concern:
this email is mainly directed at labmembers using  instruments located in the "ebeam room".
In spite of a sign I've placed next to the Hitachi ebeam computer asking users not to use the computer 
as a convenient side table I am finding almost every day stacks of stuff on top of it. At times a pile(s) of stuff is so
heavy as to bend top metal plate of the computer case . This is a very old computer and at this time nearly irreplaceable
and I am woried that all this fussing around it might compromise the integrity of the computer case and of computer itself.
I specificaly do not like to see people leaning on the computer and bumping into it during Raith classes.
Please do exercise little caution when working around that computer. I do realize that Raith computer station is right next to it,
bur please be careful.
-Paul J.
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