SNF Equipment Grant Support Request

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Jan 5 12:58:12 PST 2007

SNF is participating in the National Science 
Foundation's MRI solicitation through NNIN.  Our 
target tool is a spin etcher from Laurell 
Technologies (it fits within the cost constraints 
put on us).  It is a single wafer (or pieces) 
which has multiple wet chemistries channels for 
processes such as etching, surface passivation, rinsing and drying.

The NNIN community has approved our tool 
selection and now we must provide the formal 
proposal.  Part of the MRI request is a paragraph 
from users who will benefit from the tool.  You 
can greatly help our bid in obtaining this tool 
by providing a paragraph on the benefits of this 
tool to your research.  I have included a 
description of the items and format requested for 
the MRI grant.  As always, we need to respond 
quickly to meet the Wednesday, Jan. 10th deadline for submission.

I have also included Laurell's description of the tool.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank You,
Ed Myers

3) Technical Application snipets-  APPROXIMATELY 200 WORDS each ( 100-300).
                 Each snippet has
                          a)  brief title
                          b) who (user)
                           3) user department and institution
                           4)   description of research project/application
                           5)  A picture that will look good at  2" square-
                           6)  a caption

These are short descriptions of specific user 
research that will benefit from this 
tool.  Generally existing user projects or can be 
potential user projects.  Can be work that is 
currently done on less than adequate equipment, 
or related work that would be enhanced/ enabled 
by the capabilities of the new tool In some 
cases  you may not be able to attribute to a 
particular project/user, in which case write 
about a general application that a user could 
do.  Emphasize what is important about the work 
and what will be enhanced by the new capability.

The following is the tool we are attempting to purchase under this grant:

Laurell Technologies Corporation manufactures a 
simple, self contained and affordable single 
wafer spin processing system etching and 
cleaning.  Model EDC-650 is an automated, 
mutli-chemical, digital processor controlled 
spinner.  The spin processor features a 
zero-porosity Teflon® fluid path with an onboard 
dispense valve manifold. A clear ECTFE 
dome-shaped lid allows safe visibility of your 
process as it runs.  The EDC-650 features 
programmable valves leading to single injector 
chemical dispense for repeatability required for 
Etch, Develop, and Cleaning applications where a 
rinse (typically DI water or solvent) then dry 
(typically N2) are the final process steps. With 
this sequential valving technique the wafer and 
plumbing begin and end the process completely 
dry. Isolated and independent injectors are 
available in static positions yet adjustable within the lid.

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