Free 'Frontiers in Optics' conference registration and OSA membership (first replies)

Meredith M. Lee mmlee at
Sun Jul 22 16:04:35 PDT 2007


Stanford and Berkeley OSA (Optical Society of America) Student Chapters are
organizing volunteers for the Frontiers in Optics (FiO)/ Laser Science XXIII
<>conference that will be held Sept
16-20, 2007 in San Jose, CA.  Anyone volunteering a total of 12 hours will
receive free conference registration for the entire week and complimentary
membership to OSA.

Notably, each technical session needs just ONE monitor, so if you want to
meet a specific session chair and/or get exposure to a certain area, sign up
quickly!  Details at: (this
shows what slots are still open).  Note the tabs -- there are 3 spreadsheets
to look at before emailing us your name, address and email to sign up.

Please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested!

-Stanford Student OSA
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