POCl3 release tonight

Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 24 22:11:10 PDT 2007

There was a release of POCl3 from Tylan6 at approximately 7 pm this 
evening.  The lab was evacuated and the release was halted when Eric 
Perozziello cut off the nitrogen supply to the bubbler.  John Shott 
and I arrived shortly after the evacuation.  We checked the sensors 
at the TGO monitoring computer and could find no response at the 
sensor nearest to the tube, above wbdiff, or at the sensor in the 
bubbler exhaust.  John then used a handheld sensor to check the 
bubbler and the area at the front of the tube where the leak occurred 
and found no detectable gas.  The maintenance group will further 
investigate the cause of the release in the morning.

The lab was reopened at about 8:15.

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