CAD Presentation today, at 2 pm

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Jul 31 11:40:51 PDT 2007

Just a reminder:

Dr. Mary Ann Maher, of SoftMEMS LLC, will be here to discuss the suite 
of SoftMEMS CAD tools originally designed for MEMS layouts, but with 
applicability to IC's as well. One of the most interesting features of 
the SoftMEMS is its ability to generate 3-D cross-sections at any 
physical point on the CAD layout -- and at any point in the process 
using standard simulators.


This will be held in the CISX Auditorium on Tuesday, July 31, at 2 pm.

More detail at:

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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