LCD displays

Paul Rissman rissman at
Fri Jun 8 11:08:32 PDT 2007


You may notice that there are new LCD displays on the Sunray 
terminals.  These LCD displays will save energy and give us more work 
space in the lab.  We were able to purchase these displays using a 
refund from the University due to electrical power use reduction.  In 
part, this was due to our decision to reduce the VLF fan speed off 
hours and on weekends, as well as a number of other 
improvements.  For example, all of the office areas have had motion 
sensor light switches installed.

By the way, as I went about the lab installing the new displays, a 
few of people mentioned broken mice, keyboards, etc.  If you see 
problems, please report them to coral at giving us the 
exact location, so we can make repairs.

Paul Rissman

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