Pre-metal-deposition clean for via

Gael Close closega at
Wed Mar 7 13:05:16 PST 2007

Dear labmembers,

I am trying to deposit Al in via holes. It is critical that I minimize
the contact resistance between the underlying Al present at the bottom
of the hole, and the Al to be deposited.

I think the normal procedure is to run a quick etch right before
deposition in the same chamber to clean up the bottom of the hole.
Gryphon is capable of this, but my sample is gold-contaminated. Is
there any gold-contaminated alternative: like a quick dip in Al
etchant, before depositing Al in metallica? Will this give me a decent

Thank you?

Gael Close
PhD Candidate
Center for Integrated Systems, CISX-300
Stanford University, California

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