Al annealing

David W. Parent dparent at
Thu Mar 8 13:01:58 PST 2007

Dear Beinn,

I have had a hard time fining data on this issue.  I have found 
though brute force experimentation that the longer the pull time on 
any Al film on SIO2, the greater the surface roughness, and the 
higher the resistivity!  To reduce surface roughness and decrease RS 
I pull the wafers out of our furnace (AT SJSU not SNF) as quickly as possible.
(I mean I yank them out.)
At 12:05 PM 3/8/2007, Beinn Muir wrote:

>Dear Labmembers,
>I am interested in increasing the grain size and reducing the roughness of
>thermally evaporated films of Al (200-1000nm thick) deposited on Si with
>native oxide. Do any of you have experience with annealing Al films, or can
>reccommend any useful literature discussing the conditions and resulting
>morphology changes? Another possible route I could take would be to etch /
>polish the Al film to reduce roughness, but I have had limited success with
>I would be grateful for any information.
>Best regards,

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