SNF and Community Day

Michael Deal mdeal at
Thu Mar 15 12:42:23 PDT 2007

SNF labmembers,
      This year,  SNF will once again participate in Stanford 
University's "Community Day."  This is where adults and children from 
the neighboring cities are invited to Stanford on a Spring Sunday to 
visit the campus, and dozens of university organizations put on 
displays and demonstrations.  Two years ago - Community Day is now 
held every other year - we had a very successful and fun day in which 
we taught the community about nanotechnology.  We had posters, free 
handouts (ruler/magnifying glasses), microscope demos (where they 
could see structures built in our lab), and the very popular "be a 
junior nanoscientist (where kids put on a cleanroom suit, got the 
photo taken, and got a nanoscientist certificate with their name and 
picture on it.)  We also gave tours of the cleanroom every few hours.
     Based on the success of previous years, and the fact that only 
~30% of Community Day attendees are repeaters from before, we plan on 
doing basically the same thing as before.  In addition, the Stanford 
Nanocharacterisation Laboratory (SNL) will join us, participating in 
the microscope activity and offering a tour of their facility.  And 
this year our exhibit area will be right in front of CIS, not by the 
Hoover tower like last time.
As before, I'd like to invite both staff and SNF labmembers to 
volunteer. The more people who participate, the more fun it will be 
for all of us.   Community Day will be Sunday, April 15 from 10 am to 
4pm.  You can work part or all of it (we'll need a few here at 9am to 
help set up).  We have lots of fun, and free lunch as well.  We'll 
have a planning meeting some time before the event, with pizza, but 
it isn't necessary to attend that in order to help out on the actual day.
     So if you are interested in helping out and participating in 
SNF's nano activities at Community Day (April 15), please reply to me 
as soon as you can, and mark the day on your calendar.  Thanks!
					   -Mike Deal, SNF

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