Dessis (Sentaurus) help

Vignesh Gowrishankar vigneshg at
Tue Mar 20 11:25:39 PDT 2007

Hi All - Dessis-users and Harris-group people in particular,

I am working with Prof. McGehee in the Materials Science Dept. I 
would like to model a small part of my nanostructured solar cells 
using a 2D device simulator such as Dessis (Sentaurus). I have the 
manuals, but I actually don't know how to get the software started 
and where to run it from etc., let alone further details.

Depending on how much time any of you Sentaurus users may have, I 
would greatly appreciate it if you could:
a) show me how to get the software going - this shouldn't take more 
than a few minutes.
b) give me a quick tutorial - will take a little longer... and 
depends on your availability.

Thanks in advance,

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