SOI wafer vender?

Kyeongran Yoo raneeyoo at
Thu Mar 22 21:03:34 PDT 2007

Dear Katsuya,

Thank you for your kind email.
I am looking for thin SOI wafers like 400nm BOX and 200nm SOI.
In my case, Ultrasil might not be a choice.
Thank you so much again.


Quoting Katsuya NOZAWA <knozawa at>:

> Hi Kyeongran,
>   There are two types in SOI wafer. One is thin type, the other is thick
> type. In thin type, device layer thickness is less than 1.5 micro meter,
> typically less than 200nm. In thick type, device layer thickness is more
> than 2 micro meter. Fabrication methods are quite different each other,
> so
> one wafer vender makes only one type.
>  It depends on device structure which type you should choose.
>  Most of fast SOI transistor & photonic crystal require thin type. Some
> requires thick type.
>  If you need thick type, Ultrasil is good supplier. But they don't sell
> thin
> type.
>  Soitec is a reliable supplier for thin type SOI wafers.
> Sincerely yours,
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> Hello!
> I am looking for SOI wafer venders.  If you have any recommendations for
> good vendors for SOI wafers, please let me know.
> Thank you very much and have a nice day!
> best,
> Kyeongran Yoo

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