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Michael Deal mdeal at stanford.edu
Tue May 1 07:54:45 PDT 2007

SNF Labmembers,
         Would anyone be interested in helping me out with giving a 
tour of SNF (window tour) to some middle and high school students 
from Daly City?  It sounds like an interesting group (see 
below).   It's for this Friday, staring at around 10:15-1-:30 am and 
ending by 11:15.   It would be a window tour of the cleanroom, then 
lots of QandA about nanoscience and being a researcher/grad student, 
etc.   Depending on how many volunteers we get, we would divide the 
25 students into a number of smaller groups.  Thanks.
                                 -Mike Deal, SNF

>>>Dear Mike,
>>>Pat asked that I provide you with some information regarding the 
>>>tour of SNF we have asked for next Friday, May 4. The tour is for 
>>>a group of junior and senior high school students from Jefferson 
>>>High School in Daly City. These students are part of a special 
>>>learning community at Jefferson as they have been identified as 
>>>students with potential but who just don't seem to try. Their 
>>>biology teacher, Wanderson Carlos, who was one of the participants 
>>>in our Summer Research Experience program for teachers here on 
>>>campus last summer, has asked to bring them to Stanford for a tour 
>>>of some of the labs he saw during the summer. It is a rather large 
>>>group (approx 80) so I am trying to arrange three different lab 
>>>tours and will then divide the group. They will be taking a campus 
>>>tour at 9:15 and I could ask the tour guide to deliver them to SNF 
>>>at the conclusion (around 10:15 - 10:30). I was thinking the lab 
>>>tours would last about an hour.
>>>I really do appreciate your offer to help. Please let me know if 
>>>it is possible to arrange a SNF tour at this time (or if there is 
>>>someone else you would like me to contact to try and make these 
>>>arrangements). Again my sympathy is with you.
>>>Take care,
>>>Judy McKeon
>>>Administrator/Event Planner
>>>Office of Science Outreach
>>>Stanford University
>>>T 650.724.5476

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