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Michael Deal mdeal at stanford.edu
Tue May 1 07:56:25 PDT 2007

That should say "starting at around 10:15-10:30 am and ending by 11:15."

At 07:54 AM 5/1/2007, Michael Deal wrote:
>SNF Labmembers,
>         Would anyone be interested in helping me out with giving a 
> tour of SNF (window tour) to some middle and high school students 
> from Daly City?  It sounds like an interesting group (see 
> below).   It's for this Friday, staring at around 10:15-1-:30 am 
> and ending by 11:15.   It would be a window tour of the cleanroom, 
> then lots of QandA about nanoscience and being a researcher/grad 
> student, etc.   Depending on how many volunteers we get, we would 
> divide the 25 students into a number of smaller groups.  Thanks.
>                                 -Mike Deal, SNF
>>>>Dear Mike,
>>>>Pat asked that I provide you with some information regarding the 
>>>>tour of SNF we have asked for next Friday, May 4. The tour is for 
>>>>a group of junior and senior high school students from Jefferson 
>>>>High School in Daly City. These students are part of a special 
>>>>learning community at Jefferson as they have been identified as 
>>>>students with potential but who just don't seem to try. Their 
>>>>biology teacher, Wanderson Carlos, who was one of the 
>>>>participants in our Summer Research Experience program for 
>>>>teachers here on campus last summer, has asked to bring them to 
>>>>Stanford for a tour of some of the labs he saw during the summer. 
>>>>It is a rather large group (approx 80) so I am trying to arrange 
>>>>three different lab tours and will then divide the group. They 
>>>>will be taking a campus tour at 9:15 and I could ask the tour 
>>>>guide to deliver them to SNF at the conclusion (around 10:15 - 
>>>>10:30). I was thinking the lab tours would last about an hour.
>>>>I really do appreciate your offer to help. Please let me know if 
>>>>it is possible to arrange a SNF tour at this time (or if there is 
>>>>someone else you would like me to contact to try and make these 
>>>>arrangements). Again my sympathy is with you.
>>>>Take care,
>>>>Judy McKeon
>>>>Administrator/Event Planner
>>>>Office of Science Outreach
>>>>Stanford University
>>>>T 650.724.5476

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