[Reminder] Stanford OSA Confocal Laser-Scanning Microscope Seminar, Today 2:30pm AP299

Meredith M. Lee mmlee at stanford.edu
Thu May 3 11:57:35 PDT 2007

 The student OSA chapter is pleased to announce a demonstration given by Lee
Bazella, Bay Area Territory Manager for Olympus Industrial Micro
Imaging. Please
see details below.

Demonstration of the Olympus confocal laser-scanning microscope

Thursday May 3rd, 2:30PM

Ginzton AP299 **

**** Bring samples that you would like to analyze ****

The LEXT, Olympus' confocal laser-scanning microscope, offers high
resolution and high magnification imaging with little or no sample
preparation. It offers magnification up to 14,400X with 120 nm lateral
resolution and 10 nm Z resolution using a 408 nm laser. The LEXT provides
standard white light microscope observation including brightfield, darkfield
and Nomarski DIC and laser observation in non-confocal, confocal and
confocal DIC modes. It can perform distance, height and roughness
measurements with an X repeatability of less than 0.02 microns and a Z
repeatability of less than 0.05 + 0.001L microns. The LEXT is considered a
bridge tool between white light microscopes and scanning electron
microscopes. There is also an IR version of the LEXT that uses a 1320 nm
laser to image through silicon and a few other materials. It offers a
resolution of 700 nm. The LEXT IR has an XY repeatability of 0.05 microns or
less and a Z repeatability of 0.1 microns or less.

Here is a website link with more information about the LEXT:

The presentation will be followed by a demonstration of the laser-scanning
microscope. You are welcome to bring samples that you would like to analyze.

Presentation and demonstration by:
Lee Bazella
Territory Manager - San Jose, CA
Micro-Imaging Division
Olympus Industrial America

Refreshments will be provided.
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