FW: Collection of Publications

Yoshio Nishi nishiy at stanford.edu
Thu May 24 19:56:06 PDT 2007

Dear SNF users,

We have been asked to submit a list of publications coming out from 
SNF users to NSF to demonstrate research supported by NNIN funded 
As we will soon start preparing for the renewal of NNIN, I would like 
to ask your active collaboration to provide us with your list of 
publications in the following 5 categories.
1.      External User Peer-Reviewed Archival Journal Publications
2.      Internal User Peer-Reviewed Archival Journal Publications
3.      External User Conference Presentations
4.      Internal User Conference Presentations
5.      Other major publications items, e.g. books, short courses, etc.
Please send your list for the corresponding categories to Yoshio 
Nishi (<mailto:nishiy at stanford.edu>nishiy at stanford.edu), John Shott 
(<mailto:shott at snf.stanford.edu>shott at snf.stanford.edu) and Paul 
Rissman (<mailto:Rissman at stanford.edu>Rissman at stanford.edu) before 
the end of June.
Thank you in advance for your great support on this matter.
Yoshio Nishi

From: Lynn Rathbun [mailto:rathbun at cnf.cornell.edu]
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:46 PM
To: NNIN directors :; nnin coordinators :; nnin nac :
Subject: Collection of Publications

Dear NNIN folks:

As in the past year, at the end of the school year we are collecting 
a comprehensive list of publications in peer-reviewed journals, 
presentations at conferences, and other major publication-oriented 
activity. This effort is one of the tangible outputs demonstrating 
research supported by NSF funding, and one of the measures of each 
sites contributions.

I would particularly add to it the importance of making sure that the 
external usersresearch effort is comprehensively reflected.

This is also a good occasion to remind all users that NNIN and NSFs 
support is properly acknowledged in the publications and presentations.

This is a once in a year activity. The list will cover June 1, 
2006-May 30, 2007 period and is due July 31, 2007. This is 2 months 
from now so it should give you adequate time to COLLECT and FORMAT 
these. I expect you will have to poll all your users to collect this 
information. Please stick to the date range indicated and do not 
resubmitt items submitted last year.

Since we will be writing our renewal proposal before the NEXT time we 
collect publications, this will be come part of the documentation for 
our renewal.

The collection is divided into the following parts:
Please submit 5 separate sections, in order, in ONE FILE by SRS. The 
SRS will be sent out later today.

If any work is invited, please identify it as Invited Paper. Please 
do not include university talks, or small workshop talks, etc.

We will adopt AIPs reference style, but will also include the title 
of the publication. A comprehensive style manual is available at 

Example of a journal publication:
J.J. Amato, R.R. Rahimgar and A. Mastrangelo, Chaos in 
Nanosystems,Phys. Rev. Lett. 21, 1709 (2005).

Example of a conference presentation/publication:

J.J. Amato, R.R. Rahimgar and A. Mastrangelo, Chaos in 
Nanosystems,Seventh IEEE Conference on Complex Systems, Atlanta, GA, 
163 (2006).

Please it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to properly format ALL citations as shown.


Dr. Lynn Rathbun                                        Rathbun at cnf.cornell.edu
NNIN  Program Manager                   (607)-254-4872
CNF Laboratory Manager
Duffield Hall                                                (607)-255-8601 Fax
Cornell University                                       (607)-592-1549 Cell
Ithaca, New York 14853

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