YES oven is up!

Gary J Sosa gsosa at
Fri Nov 16 15:55:32 PST 2007

Hi All....

   The replacement YES oven is up and ready to use. It may look a  
little different but the operation is still the same. The "Start" and  
"Reset" buttons are located in the center of the control panel. Please  
also read the note on the chamber door regarding the alarm conditions.  
A steady state audible alarm and light indicate that the program cycle  
has completed with no problems. A beeping alarm and flashing light  
indicates an abort condition for vacuum setpoint not reached. 2 test  
wafers were processed and measured to verify contact angle. Both  
wafers looked good. 5 points were measured on each wafer. Wafer #1-  
contact angle ~ 63 degrees. 2nd wafer contact angle- ~66 degrees. The  
system is currently not interlocked through coral. Please continue to  
enter comments, observations or problems in coral.

    Thanks.. Gary

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