fiber test question

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Wed Nov 21 16:10:17 PST 2007

Hi Garrett,


I believe this component is a fiber probe from Cascade Microtech. 

I remember this from a few years back when we were looking at purchasing a
probe station. 

I have attached the brochure. I hope this helps. 







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John - Can you please forward the following message to the Stanford
labmembers mailing list:

I am hoping that someone can help me to track down the following fiber-optic
component. I have been searching for the lensed-fiber holder pictured here
(within red circle) and cannot figure out where to find one:


One of the biggest issues is that I don't know what the proper name is. As a
basic description, it is a rigid mount for bringing a lensed fiber into
close proximity with a sample under a microscope; I would assume that it is
typically used for aligning to surface normal emitters and detectors. It has
a connector on the back end and a small section of bare lensed-fiber on the
input/output end. I had access to one of these at UC Santa Barbara for
characterizing VCSELs, but I cannot remember who manufactured it.

If you are familiar with this component and can point me towards the proper
vendor please send me a reply (cole35 at Thank you,



Garrett Cole, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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