lithography now open

rissman at rissman at
Sat Oct 20 13:29:40 PDT 2007


At around noon, a strong solvent smell was reported in lithography.   
The area was evacuated and the doors taped closed.  I arrived at about  
1:15 and checked the area with the RKI unit with Aaron Gibby's help.   
I could not smell any solvent smell, although Aaron did report a faint  
trace.  I looked for and could not find any obvious puddles.  The RKI  
unit did not register any hydrocarbon response.  I checked in and  
under the SVG and KS coaters and at the YES oven, and in both finger  

Aaron removed the tape and we have reopened the area.  Should anyone  
smell anything, please close down the area again and keep it evacuated.

Paul Rissman

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