In-Ga eutectic to Si wafer

Na Young Kim nayoung at
Tue Oct 23 10:56:06 PDT 2007

Dear labmembers:

I am wondering if anyone has experience to use In-Ga eutectic to make  
ohmic contacts to Si wafer.  Due to the liquid phase at room  
temperature, it is tricky to make connection to Cu wire leading to the  
outside electronics.

I managed to make ohmic contacts using In-Ga eutectic and Silver paint  
to glue Cu wires to the eutectic after etching Si wafer in 3-10 % HF  
solution at room temperature, but the ohmic contacts were not  
preserved at low temperatures below 200 K. If you know any trick to  
glue the wires to In-Ga eutectic in Si-wafer and you don't mind  
sharing it with me, i really appreciate it!

Na Young

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