Security alert

John Shott shott at
Sun Apr 6 08:58:51 PDT 2008

As a follow up to Eric's note of yesterday: This morning I found 
marker-pen graffiti on the partition walls of the men's room closest to 
the skateboarder's "jumping area".  While I know that correlation does 
not constitute proof and that skateboarding is not a crime, it seems 
mighty strange that graffiti would appear on the same afternoon, 
particularly when the building is nominally locked.

I've cleaned up the graffiti, but would encourage folks entering the 
building to not allow unknown persons to "tail gate" as they enter the 
building, unless you know them, when the building is otherwise locked.  
There are simply too many valuable things laying around if someone is 
intent on looking for them.

Of course we should all be conscious about not leaving wallets, 
cellphones, laptops, and other valuables in places where they can be 
easily stolen.

Thanks for you attention,


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