This morning's flood in CIS-X ....

John Shott shott at
Mon Apr 7 14:13:46 PDT 2008

SNF Lab Members:

As a number of you know, this morning there was a flood in CIS-X due to 
a rupture of a 2" process cooling water line in the Harris lab that 
quickly spread to the Nishi lab and others.

A number of SNF staff members including Mike Dickey (always first on the 
scene ....), Jim McVittie, Gary Sosa, Ray Seymour, Ed Myers, and Mary 
Tang  .... as well as a number of students, the entire ABM contingent, 
and likely others that I've omitted .... worked hard to mop up the 
mess.  So, if you thought the staffing in the lab looked a little light 
this morning, that is why.  But thanks to all who helped with the mop up 

This should also be a good reminder to all of us .... some of these 
building facilities can "go" at any time.  Such a break in a water line 
can be an EXCEEDINGLY hazardous situation .... particularly in terms of 
possible electrical hazards.  Any flooding situation should be 
approached with great caution because of possible live electrical 
circuits.  This should also be a reminder to us to take a critical look 
on our lab floors .... it is all too easy to end up with live electrical 
equipment on the floor which can greatly increase the likelihood of a 
shock hazard.  This moring there was standing water at least 2 cm deep 
just a few minutes after the line ruptured.  How many of our labs have 
energized power strips sitting on the floors?

I suggest that this would be a good time to look at some of those things 
and improve our overall electrical safety before the next major flood 

Thanks for your continued support,


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