Missing notebook

Salman Latif slatif at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 11 20:43:28 PDT 2008

Found it! Thanks, Shrestha! :)

Quoting Shrestha Basu Mallick <sbasumal at stanford.edu>:

> It was next to the Nanospec.
> I put it on the ASML table.
> -Shrestha
> Quoting Salman Latif <slatif at stanford.edu>:
>> Dear SNF users,
>> I keep my SNF notebook in my bin, and now it's gone. If any of you see
>> it around, please, please, let me know. It should have my name and
>> e-mail written on the front. It has many processing details inside that
>> I won't be able to recall otherwise.
>> Thanks,
>> Salman.

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