LED wafers and processing

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You are asking for what people are currently doing research on, so 
there are absolutely no vendors who can supply what you are looking 
for.  You will have to do a great deal of the work yourself, 
including process development and work with one of the groups putting 
III-V materials onto Si, which isn't so hard, but trying to do mixed 
processing is literally impossible except by research groups working 
on mixed III-V/Si as NO ONE wants to risk contamination of any decent 
Si processing equipment.  I would suggest that the two best chances 
are at the NNUN facilities at UCSB and Cornell as they have far more 
III-V work and relatively little Si, so tend to already be 
"contaminated".  I would first look at Cornell as they not only have 
a lot of III-V work, but also considerable Si based MEMS activity.
Good luck,
Jim Harris

>         I am trying to make a simple LED structure on silicon 
>wafers.  Could anyone please tell me if there are groups or vendors 
>that can make a few wafers with LED materials (such as III-Vs) on 
>top?  Emission in the visible will be desirable. 
>        Also, post processing is needed for the wafers and the tools 
>I need are DRIE for silicon, pin-hole free LPCVD/PECVD oxide (to 
>coat and protect my structures for XeF2 etch in a later step), oxide 
>etcher, metal sputtering, and metal etcher.  I assume that all LED 
>materials will be considered gold contaminated.  I was told that 
>Santa Barbara has contaminated DRIE.  I tried searching the NNIN 
>sites but they don't have the cleanliness category listed on the 
>website.  Could anyone please also let me know if there are any 
>places or vendors that can provide these services/tools?
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