photo resist pretreatment before ion implantation

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Wed Apr 23 22:45:43 PDT 2008

Hi SangBum,

Just wanted to clarify one point here:

The second 30min 110 C bake is not needed if you send your wafers for  
implant right away. It is intended for wafers that sit around for a  
long while (this is the case for ee410, sometimes the wafers wait in  
the lab for 2-3 days before the implant step). The reason is that if  
you leave your wafers waiting around for a long time the resist layer  
tends to absorb moisture from the ambient and this reverses the effect  
of baking.

Hope this saves you some time,

On Apr 23, 2008, at 9:12 PM, SangBum Kim wrote:

> Thank you for those who sent me the reply. I found a recipe from  
> ee410 class runsheet, which you can find at 
>  thanks to Mary's help.
> 0) After developing 1um thick 3612,
> 1) 30mins at 110C
> 2) 15mins UV exposure
> 3) 30mins at 110C
> 4) Ion implantation
> SangBum
> SangBum Kim wrote:
>> Dear SNF labmembers,
>>  Could anyone give me some advice on typical photoresist  
>> pretreatment before ion implantation, please?
>>  For example, do I need 1) UV hardening of resist or 2) heat  
>> treatment? Any other suggestions?
>>  I plan to use ion implantation service from Innovion and use 1.6um  
>> thick SPR 3612 as a photoresist with maximum As ion energy of 180keV.
>> Thanks,
>> SangBum

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