FW: Die saw at Stanford or elsewhere

Baylor Triplett baylor.triplett at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 14:32:40 PDT 2008

     While I cannot be certain without trying it, my understanding is 
the wafer saw that CIS has should be able to cut such materials. 
Certainly, my colleagues (years ago) used an almost identical wafer saw 
to cut GGG (or Gadolium Gallium Garnet which is quite hard...probably 
comparable to titania. Only thing is you should use high blade speed, 
special blade that works best, and probably shallow multiple cuts to 
reduce the troublesome blade heating. Kulicke and Sofa could probably 
give you advice...and you may/may not need a special blade to minimize 
heating....more likely needed if you have a gummy material on top of the 
titania such as polyimide or polymerized organics. Do not try to cut all 
the way through...you want to cut 60% to maybe 80% through and then 
cleave the remainder. And these numbers are only guesses.
       The important thing is the cutting is more a function of 
parameters and blade selection than saw. Of course, allbets are off if 
CIS won't let you use it for contamination reasons. Talk to Mary Tang.
                 Regards, Baylor Triplett
                               Consulting Professor
Jason Fu wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> Is there a die saw in the lab or such service elsewhere in the area 
> that could be used to cut hard glasses and oxides such as zirconia 
> and titania?
> Thanks,
> Jason 

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