Help needed for maskmaking

Jaeho Lee zeost at
Thu Aug 14 16:02:54 PDT 2008

Dear lab members, 


My name is Jaeho Lee and I'm working for Dr. Goodson in ME department. 

I need to fabricate some simple aluminum structure on silicon wafers, which
would be used for temperature measurement in ME131A labs. I recently joined
SNF so I'm not familiar with this type of work and I currently have no
senior members from our lab to help me on maskmaking. 


I have the design in my mind. A mask should be designed in a fashion that
four pad measurements could be performed with a micron thick interconnect. I
just don't know where to get started such as using a software for drawing
and ordering it the vendor. 


I'd greatly appreciate anyone's help or comments. 



Jaeho Lee

MS Candidate

Mechaniical Engineering 

Stanford University 

650) 213-6263


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