Litho Area Conditions

Gary J Sosa gsosa at
Mon Aug 18 18:23:37 PDT 2008

Hi All....

   Mary mentioned in her email that there is no steam generation at  
this time and that the lab feels cold. As of 6:00 PM  the temperature  
near the SVG coaters was 63 degrees and the humidity was 61 %. You may  
want to reconsider doing Litho tonight, until the temperature and  
humidity are at optimal conditions. The temp and humidity will have an  
affect on the photoresist and you may not get the results that you  
expect. Please be very cautious and take this into consideration so  
that you will not have to rework you wafers. There is a digital meter  
on the rack next to the SVG coaters. Typically the temperature is 70  
degrees and the humidity is around 42%. If steam generation does not  
come back online, conditions may get worse as the outside conditions  
change and the lab has no way to compensate.

    .. Gary

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