Reminder: Annual SNF Lab Cleanup!!

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Dec 2 08:16:01 PST 2008

Dear labmembers --

Remember, the lab shuts down for annual cleaning and maintenance starting 
at 7 am sharp on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17.  

However, staff will begin cleanup on MONDAY, DECEMBER 15 according to
the following:

1.  IN THE LAB:  All personal items must be stored inside assigned lab 
bins.  No personal items on WIP racks or on top of lab bins.  Anything 
found outside of lab bins will be removed from the lab.

2.  LAB BINS:  All assigned bins in the lab must be labeled with the 
current owner's Coral login.  Bins which are assigned to labmembers who 
have not been very active in the lab will be tagged for reassignment to 
active labmembers in the new year.

3.  IN THE CAD ROOM:  All personal storage bins in the CAD room (CIS 
151) must be labeled with the Coral login and the current date. No 
chemicals inside storage bins.  Staff may choose move bins around to 
make better use of available space.

4.  IN THE CUBICLE AREA:  As an evacuation path for cubicle and office 
occupants, aisleways must be clear to 36" across and no unsecured items 
stored above (to prevent blocking paths in case of earthquake, as per 
code.)  Desk space will be subject to reassignment to active labmembers, 
SNF student helpers and guests.  In addition, carpets will be cleaned 
at 6 pm on Friday, December 5.  All boxes and other personal items
should picked up off the floor.

Any questions, ask a staff member --



Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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