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Thu Dec 4 11:38:30 PST 2008


Please be aware that the annual building evacuation drill will take 
place on Monday, December 15, at 9:30 am.  What does this mean for the 
lab?  This means that at that time, the fire alarm will go off.  
Everyone must evacuate both buildings, including the lab, and report to 
the Emergency Assembly Point.  The Fire department will perform a sweep 
of the building and lab to make sure everyone has left.  The evacuation 
drill ends when the Fire Marshal gives the "all clear".  We don't 
anticipate it will take long; perhaps 30 minutes at most.

Although alarms will sound, no other building systems should be affected 
(in the case of a real fire alarm, toxic gases will shut off).  Long 
furnace runs and other operations that can normally be run safely 
unattended for this period of time should be unaffected.  However, 
attended operations should be avoided during this time.  Please plan 
your processing Monday morning accordingly.

Thanks for your attention --

Your SNF Staff

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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