YES Oven Update

Gary J Sosa gsosa at
Fri Feb 8 16:12:49 PST 2008

Hello Labmembers....

     In an attempt to try and eliminate the intermittant odors from  
the YES Oven, we added 2 vacuum and nitrogen cycles to the program to  
ensure that any residual HMDS is evacuated from the chamber. The 2  
additional vacuum / nitrogen cycles add about 6 minutes to the total  
process time. These changes in the program are not reflected on the  
green program sheet at the tool but the steps are as follows:

   Steps 1 through 9 are the same

   Step 10:  L= 0004              Loop statememt- Loop 4 times

   Step 11:  M= 2:00     02       2 minutes of vacuum to pump out residuals

   Step 12:  M= 1:09     01       1 minute 9 seconds of Nitrogen to  
purge chamber

   Step 13:  L> 11                Loop statement- Loop back to step 11

   Step 14 Continue with normal program.

  Please continue to report any unusual odors in coral.

   Thanks... Gary

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