Alarm inspections - Friday, 2/15 - 9 AM

Paul Rissman rissman at
Fri Feb 15 07:50:16 PST 2008

Santa Clara County will be inspecting improvements which have been 
made to the toxic gas monitoring system this morning.  There is the 
possibility that alarms may sound momentarily in the building due to 
the testing.  Facilities will shut off any alarms caused by testing 
quickly.  However, if you have any question whether the alarm is real 
or a test, don't hesitate to evacuate the building and check with 
staff on the actual status.

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>To All,
>FYI.... the final County acceptance test for the phase 1 TGO project 
>will be done today.
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>I just confirmed with Rob Campbell of the County Fire Marshalls 
>office that we will still have an inspection at 9:00 am.  Please 
>have a printed copy of the full test report that was performed in 
>December, and a printed copy of the current Matrix.   I will arrive 
>around 8:00 to prepare.
>Best regards,
>David Boyanich
>Managing Partner
>Facilities Dynamics, Inc.
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