Jason Fu Jfu at
Mon Feb 25 11:02:20 PST 2008

Sorry to send the message to the whole lab instead of only people using
AFM2. After spending almost an hour with Ed this morning on the machine
to figure out the optical microscope may have problem, just checking
with other AFM users in the lab to see if and when other people noticed
the same problem. The symptoms are: when engaging the tip, tip scanning
started and the tip image was NOT in focus shown on the monitor screen.
Since this problem has not been reported on Coral before, please let me
know if you are a AFM user and saw this recently. Especially for people
using AFM recently, please let me know if your scan looks normal. Users:
nppatil, libei, donghun, koba, munehiro, please reply.

Appreciated your time and reply!

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