HP 4145A needs repair

Eric ebasham32 at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 28 14:43:25 PST 2008

I have used Calwright for several pieces of older HP equipment.  The 4145A
shouldn't be a problem for them.  What is the "broken" condition?  You might
find a less damaged system on ebay or used-line that would only need
calibration.  There is also a shop on the east coast, but shipping can be


Calright Instruments
David Swanson 
2232 Verus Street, Suite D
San Diego, CA 92154
866.363.6634 Toll Free
619.374.7012 Fax
sales at calright.com

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Subject: HP 4145A needs repair

Hi Labmembers,

I have a broken HP 4145A that I'd like to have repaired.
Does anyone know anyone who does this?  HP and Agilent no
longer support the 4145A in any way.  I'm hoping to find
a retired HP engineer, maybe even someone who worked on the
4145A itself back in the day.


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