Summary: HP 4145A needs repair

John Ross Jameson jameson at
Thu Feb 28 16:48:17 PST 2008


In response to my question about where to get an HP 4145A fixed, several users 
said they'd also like to know where to fix old HP equipment, so here's a summary
of the responses so far:

* One SNFer sent a 4195A to Tucker electronics in Texas.
* Another SNFer said OpLink Solutions in GA ( supports the HP 4145A.
* Another SNFer has used Calwright for several pieces of older HP equipment, and thinks the
  4145A "shouldn't be a problem for them."
* One SNFer said go to
* Finally, ever the comedian, Josh Ratchford said "I'll fix it for $100k."

As a side note, I priced out "new" HP 4145As, and they seem to go for $7.5-10k.


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