Seminar: Organic semiconductors for flexible electronics

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Organic semiconductors for flexible electronics
July 11, 1:30-2:30
Henning Sirringhaus
Professor, Cambridge University, UK
Chief Scientist, PlasticLogic  
Conjugated polymer semiconductors offer new opportunities for the controlled
manufacturing of active electronic circuits by a combination of solution
processing and direct printing. We will review current understanding of
their device physics with a particular emphasis on understanding the
electronic structure of polymer heterointerfaces governing the device
performance. Recent advances include realization of ambipolar organic
transistors which allow easy integration of information processing and
light-emission functions. We will also review recent progress towards
manufacturing of organic transistor circuits by high-resolution printing
techniques for applications in displays and low-cost intelligent labels.  

Henning Sirringhaus is the Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics at
the Cavendish Laboratory. He has been working in the field of organic
transistor devices since 1997. He has an undergraduate and PhD degree in
physics from ETH Zürich (CH). From 1995-1996 he worked as a postdoctoral
research fellow at Princeton University (USA) on a-Si TFTs for active-matrix
liquid crystal displays. He is co-founder and Chief Scientist of Plastic
Logic Ltd., a technology start-up company commercialising printed organic
transistor technology. He was awarded the Mullard award of the Royal Society
in 2003. His scientific interests include the charge transport physics of
molecular, and polymeric semiconductors, the development of printing-based
nanopatterning techniques, and the use of scanning probe techniques for
electrical characterization of functional nanostructures.

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