Missing Bottle of SU-8 2035

Eric Hall erichall at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 7 22:29:08 PDT 2008

My lab keeps a bottle of SU-8 2035 in the personal chemicals storage bin in
the flammables cabinet, registered to me (Eric Hall).  Today I discovered
that the bottle had disappeared.  I checked around the photolithography area
and could not locate it.  It was last accounted for on Thursday night, when
one of my labmates placed it back in the cabinet.

I do not have a problem with someone using small amounts of our personal
chemicals if they ask.  However, I do not like the fact that someone has not
only used this chemical without asking, but also didn't see fit to return it
to its proper location.  If you know anything about this, please let me
know.  Thank you.

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